How cinnamon with tea reduce blood Sugar and control diabetes?

Suffering from diabetes? Drinking tea mixed with Cinnamon can reduce the problem, says research.

How to tea with Cinnamon Reduce blood Sugar and Control Diabetes
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According to doctors, the special method of making tea not only prevents diabetes, but also balances cholesterol and other minerals in the blood.

Once blood sugar levels rise, they are difficult to control. In addition to making changes in lifestyle, one has to make changes in eating habits as well. Many people also regularly take ‘insulin’ before eating two meals according to the doctor’s advice. Doctors also advise to exercise. But recent research says that cinnamon is the most effective spice to control diabetes.

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Studies in different countries have proven that cinnamon has a role in maintaining the balance of the insulin hormone in the body. According to the International Journal of Food Sciences, if blood sugar levels are high, 3 to 6 grams of cinnamon powder per day can be included in the food list. Studies have shown that this spice surprisingly helps control diabetes levels without any medication.

Many people hold the opposite opinion. Many people also express considerable doubts about the use of cinnamon in controlling diabetes. But according to doctors, this cinnamon not only prevents diabetes but also balances cholesterol and other minerals in the blood.

Amazingly, this spice helps in controlling diabetes levels without any medicine.

How to make cinnamon tea?

How to make Cinnamon Tea?
How to make Cinnamon Tea?  Photo: Pixnio

Put cinnamon powder or a piece of cinnamon in boiling water and keep it under pressure for some time. After a couple of minutes, strain and drink like tea. It is best to drink this tea after dinner and one-half hour before going to bed.

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