What’s Happening, When the couple wakes up Screaming of Intimate Moments ?

As the couple wakes up screaming, a person spreads the video of their Sexual Moments to take ‘revenge’

The couple wakes up Screaming of Intimate Moments.
Photo credit: Pixnio

The rest of the hotel guests were annoyed by the shouting of the honeymooning couple.  To ‘educate’ the couple, a person made a video of their Intercourse and spread it on social media.  Throwing water on each other, coming closer, placing lips on each other’s lips, embracing the depth of the water. one such video has recently gone viral on social media.  Another guest of the hotel recorded the video.

The couple in the video came on their honeymoon.  The hotel room the couple stayed in had a private swimming pool. The person who made the video was in a room right above the couple’s house.

Before this, no one could give such sexual satisfaction’, a frank young man who married a 37-year-old older lover.

When he stand on the balcony, he can see the couple’s swimming pool.  Newly married couple  Came on honeymoon.  Spending more time in the hotel room despite coming to visit.  So far everything was going well.  But it’s night time.  Both of them would get drunk on sex and start screaming so much that the rest of the guests would lose sleep at night.  The biggest problem was the one who lived above the couple.  He did not get any benefit from informing the hotel reception.  He is in great trouble when he wanders in this direction.  So he waited for an opportunity to teach the couple.

One morning he was standing on the balcony.  Suddenly his eyes fell on a couple having sex in the swimming pool.  Without delay, he captured the scene with his mobile phone & shared on Social media.  However, before posting that video on social media, the faces of the Couples were blurred.

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