What’s Google AdSense is Changing Auto Ads Formatting?

On 15th March 2023 Google AdSense is Changing Auto Ads Interface for more User Friendly, Giving the better controls in ad placement.  Now I can explain what Google AdSense has changed.

To Use the new format sing in the Google AdSense account, turn on Auto ads & visit the “ad settings” window.

What’s new Interface?

To make it easier to navigate & Realizes Auto ad interface, Google generate the following updated to the auto ads control panel.

  • Google gets rearrange the interface are two groups liked on their activity.
    1. Overlay formats (Anchor, vignette & Side rail) are setup that ads in the page content without any hesitation its layout.
    2. In-page interface (banner & multiplex) are setup the ads space of a page based on the pages design & number of content.
  • The interface earlier called “in-page-ads” is now called Banner ads & it is component of the “in-page interface unit.
  • To operate into banner ads & multiplex ads is now autonomous. Earlier we had to turn on banner ads after we can turn on Multiplex ads.
  • Every interface now distinctive into the list by an informative icon.
  • Google are added the ad gallery display instance of any formats.
  • We are now control more except surface areas on the page from showing ads.

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We can see the changes here

Auto Ads new interface
Auto Ads new interface

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