So more bodies ’ Seoul proofs recall Halloween night of true horror

AP- It looked like the tragedy had hit, one proof said — an evening of fear and disarray that would have sounded like a scene from a horror movie on any other Halloween.

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The bodies of several dead people were sprawled on the ground in the Itaewon neighborhood on Saturday night, their shirts pulled over their faces after saviors checked for acute injuries, videos reviewed simply by The Washington Post showed.

Bodies lay across the ground near the studio club, way from the narrow alley where a crowd crush led to over 150 deaths. People wildly performed CPR in the area, with police running in and out of the scene.

One A man had a red soccer jersey pulled over his face as he was treated with a defibrillator. A woman’s body was covered, with blood on the ground next to her. Several lay in the highway with their mouths open, appearing to be dead.

Joshua and Angela Smith, siblings from Florida who reserved a room at the Hamilton Hotel in Itaewon to witness a Korean Halloween, watched the disaster unfold in the alley from a ninth- bed window.

Joshua first saw three gurneys being wheeled out of the lodge that evening as crisis workers used a hand pump to supply oxygen. A fourth gurney transported a body in a bag, and Angela heard hoots coming from around the alley.

“ It was horrible, horrible to see, ” Joshua said.

They watched from above as people scrambled to save others on the ground, they said. finally, at least seven bodies were visible, with police searching their clothes for IDs before bagging or crossing them.

“ Once we saw them doing that, that’s when the music, the lights, eventually got shut down, ” Joshua said. “ That’s when it turned darkened. ”
Sophia Akhiyat, a 31- year-old doctor from Florida, was guided to the alley by a tense police officer some time after 11p.m. to assist those who had been pain. She viewed people tagging the dead with cosmetics, she said, recalling a “ pile of humans ” at the mouth of the narrow highway helping ambulances from accessing the area.

These people, I think max of them were near passing or dead by the moment we were supporting them, ” she told.

“It was about all civilians, no medical staff, trying to save these people, ” talked her friend, 24- year-old tech employee Yoon- sung Park. He’d supported carry injured people to safer ground, where they could enter CPR.

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“ People were laid across then all the way down, about a half mile, ” he added, waving toward Itaewon’s main market highway, where exigency answerers had wheeled covered corses into ambulances. “ There were so multiple bodies. ”

Dozens of correspondents delayed in the highways until about 5a.m. Sunday morning as officers from the Yongsan Fire Department delivered normally updates.

Bodies covered in blue distances were wheeled past the crowd and placed into the rear of ambulances in several swells throughout the night; the atmosphere was dark, with Journalists saying in a story, if at each, as they held on for updates on what turned out to be a rapidly raising death cost.

Coffee Shop across the highway posted a handwritten sign talking that it was closed for the day as a form of condolence for the victims. Shopkeepers and hikers increased into the highway around the place of the tragedy throughout the day, some standing in silence as they stared at the unchanging alley before them. officers in black vests from Korea Disaster Victim Identification stayed in the middle of a crosswalk near the Hamilton Hotel, conversing quiet.

Here’s the alley where multiple were tromped last night in Itaewon. No one can walk in there right now and police are protecting it closely. You can see trash and orange Halloween- themed objects still left before. “ Nobody has still cleaned it up yet, ” one person said while passing nearby.

Many people recalled seeing only a several police officers in the area before the crush, directing traffic on the main request highway near the quarters.

South Korea’s within minister spoke Sunday that multiple officers were tasked to cover a challenge a limited miles out, in the Gwanghwamun area, and that the police heldn’t expected unexpectedly large crowds on Halloween weekend.

Dano Leemann, a restaurant executive in Itaewon, looked tired, as though he was in unbelief, when he said on Sunday. He told he saw no more than a dozen police officers in the area before the crush.

“ I saw people dying in face of me, ” he told. “ I didn’t sleep last night.


Source: Associate Press

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