What, Exactly, Does Taylor Swift Mean by “ MidNight ”? 

NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE NSAI Songwriter-Artist of the Decade honoree, Taylor Swift performs onstage during NSAI 2022 Nashville Songwriter Awards at Ryman Auditorium oPhoto by Terry Wyatt/Getty Images)

AP- Even the National Institute of ethics and Technology agrees asking someone to meet at “ night ” can lead to confusion.

Swifties around the world rejoiced on Aug. 29 as she declared her 10th studio album on Instagram. “ Nights, the stories of 13 awake nights scattered throughout my life, will be out October 21. Meet me at midnight. ”

Since either, Swift has been teasing the album on her social media, releasing the track list through a TikTok series aptly named “ Midnights Mayhem with Me. ” There is, understandably, a lot of hype around this album. And while we know a bit about what the album will carry — for sample, one song will be a collaboration between Swift and singer Lana del Rey ” — one thing is a bit unclear. When does ‘ Midnights ” actually come out?

Yes, I know I just said it came out on Oct. 21, at midnight. But does that mean the authentically first moments of Oct. 21, or the last? Do you say it’s being at “ midnight tonight ” on Thursday,Oct. 20? Which day does midnight technically belong to the one before or after it?

It’s easy enough to answer this question according to Swift. Looking at the Taylor Swift Store, wherepre-orders are available, there’s a timer at the top counting down until the release. It’s ticking down to 12a.m. on Oct. 21. So to be fully clear Stay up late on Oct. 20( or, not so late, depending on whom you ’re asking) and you ’ll enter the first moments of Friday hearing to new Swift music.

look saying that being comes out “ at midnight ” is objectively confusing. right now’s

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Wikipedia trying to disambiguate the issue of when a date’s “ night ” occurs “ As the dividing point between one day and another, night defies easy type as either part of the antedating day or of the following day. Though there’s no global agreement on the issue, most hourly midnight is considered the launch of a new day and is associated with the hour 0000. ”

Even more authorized sources understand that “ night ’ is a discombobulating time stamp. “ When someone refers to “ midnight tonight ” or ‘ midnight last night ’ the reference of time is egregious, ” the National Institute of norms and Technology website says. “ still, if a date/ time is related to as ‘ at night on Friday, October 20th ’ the intention could be more night the start of the day or night at the end of the day. ”( Yes, NIST uses a date eerily near to Swift’s release date in their sample. I ’m sure she’s study of this.

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