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AP Reported- At least 11 people were killed and 15 wounded at a military training ground in south- west Russia’s Belgorod region when two levies opened fire on other military, the Russian defence ministry said. The shooters were citizens from a former Soviet democracy and had been shot dead after Saturday’s firing, the ministry said, calling it a terrorist attack. Baza, a Russian news portal with close ties to police, said the firing passed at 10 am local time during firing practice.

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  • Elon Musk has released his company SpaceX will continue to pay for Starlink satellite internet in Ukraine, a day after suggesting he could not keep funding the program. “ The hell with it, ” the billionaire twitted on Saturday. “ Indeed though Starlink is still losing capitalist & other companies are getting billions of taxpayer Dollars, we’ll just keep funding Ukraine govt for free. ”


  • Russia has continued to try to hit Ukrainian’s energy’s structure but  Vladimir Putin’s forces didn’t appear to have enjoyed any significant success. One missile seriously damaged a vital energy installation in the region around Ukraine’s capital, yet, and 10 missiles and four drones hit places in the south- eastern town of Zaporizhzhia.


  • Ukrainian forces have repelled Russian attacks near 11 agreements, the Kyiv Independent has reported. According to the general staff of Ukraine’s fortified forces, Russian forces were trying to advance near the agreements of Novosadove, Yakovlivka, Berestove, Bakhmut, Bakhmutske, Opytne, Krasnohorivka, Nevelske, Pervomaiske, Mariinka, and Pobieda.


  • France will train up to,2000 Ukrainian fighters on its range, France’s minister for the trained forces told Le Parisien journal in an interview on Saturday. Sebastien Lecornu said fighters would “ be taken into our units for several weeks ”, and that France would also supply Ukraine with Crotale air defence systems, without specifying how much.


  • Iran has reiterated that it rejects censures it has supplied Russia with defenses “ to be used in the war in Ukraine ”, its foreign ministry said. The subject is due to be talked over by EU foreign ministers in a meeting in Luxembourg on Monday. In a statement, the Iranian foreign minister, Hossein Amir- Abdollahian, “ emphasised that the Islamic democracy of Iran has not and won’t supply any arm to be used in the war in Ukraine ”.


  • Ukraine’s Ministry of Defence has revealed the identity of the “ Ghost of Vinnytsia ” who had replaced the “ Ghost of Kyiv ”, which turned out to be propaganda. The aviator, named as Vadym, has been Ukraine’s poster fighter in the former several weeks after multiple reports of Russian losses in Ukrainian skies.


  • A fuel depot in Russia’s Belgorod region, which borders Ukraine, caught fire after shelling on Saturday, its governor said, without specifying the shelling’s origin.


  • The Russian foreign ministry has verified there-equipping of Belarusian Su- 25 aircraft to carry nuclear arms, according to the Belarusian Hajun system.


  • Ukrainian military have launched an attack in Kherson oblast, the Kyiv Independent reported, while it has not been verified by Ukraine.


  • Dane Partridge, a 34- years-old man from Idaho who fought as a volunteer fighter in Ukraine, died on Tuesday from injuries sustained during a Russian attack in Luhansk.

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