Canadian Thanksgiving: What is the national holiday and how is it different to American version?

Canadian Thanksgiving details,
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The Canadian performance of the seasonal harvest vacation is celebrated the second Monday of October every year.

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Canadians, correspondent to their neighbours south of the border, celebrate the autumnal vacation of Thanksgiving, but unlike their US counterparts, their seasonal crop fests take place in October rather than the end of November.

This year, Canadian Thanksgiving, which always falls on the second Monday of the month, will be observed

 What’s Canadian Thanksgiving? 

And though the American performance of the vacation dominates popular culture, the Canadian performance of the paying- thanks vacation was actually celebrated for the first time in the northern country in 1578, 43 before the Pilgrims did so at the Plymouth Plantation in New England.

Traditions of giving thanks, howbeit, long forego the 1578 Thanksgiving, which was held in what was besides Newfoundland but is now ultramodern- day Nunavut.

First Nations groups across Turtle Island – a name that Indigenous groups across North America refer to the mainland as – had been partaking in festivals that recognised the end of the crop season for generations before European settlers arrived.

Like their US neighbours, the vacation is oftentimes a big occasion for sports fans, with millions of people tuning in to watch Canadian Football League games on TV.

 When is Canadian Thanksgiving?

Canadian Thanksgiving takes place on the second Monday of October every year, meaning Canadians have a three- day weekend to relax with their buddies and family. This year’s festivity is being marked present.

 How is Canadian Thanksgiving different from American Thanksgiving? 

Canadian Thanksgiving takes place nearly eight weeks before American Thanksgiving, with its US counterpart falling on the fourth Thursday of November.

The Canadian festivity is less commercialised than American.  Thanksgiving, as there are no major shopping deals similar as Black Friday. That being said, utmost Canadian shoppers and retailers do recognise Black Friday as a vacation on the same day as the US and spend the Thursday and Friday on the American

Thanksgiving weekend shopping to score some of the biggest deals before the Christmas season.

Though multiple Canadians assume that the vacation is a national statutory vacation, meaning that workers are entitled to a day off without losing earnings, it’s only considered one in some region of the country.

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In the Atlantic elements of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador and Prince Edward Island, the vacation is elective, meaning workers aren’t entitled to the day off and it’s left wing to a business’s own discretion.

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