Honest Review of HAWA Movie, will you actually blow you away?

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Still, also you have surely come across some social media buzz about the largely awaited film “ Hawa, If you were not living under a rock for the formerly couple of weeks. ” The film broke all recent records as it opened in 24 theatres across the nation with nearly 70 shows on its opening day, moment( Friday, July 29). various media sources have vindicated that the tickets for the coming three days in all these theatres are also sold out. We rushed to attend the film’s first show at the capital’s Star Cineplex’s Mirpur branch.

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 The background

The film, starring big names like Chanchal Chowdhury, Sariful Razz, Nazifa Tushi, Shohel Mondol, Nasir Uddin Khan and Sumon Anowar in vital places, hit Bangladeshi virtual space with a storm right after its teaser and caravan release about a month agone

. The film’s promotional tracks “ Shada Shada Kala Kala ” and Meghdol’s “ E Hawa ” struck a passion with Bangladeshi film suckers and were swimming in the top 5 spots on YouTube’s trending list for Bangladesh. The film’s promotional campaign and strategy were unlike anything we have seen in the recent Bangladeshi film scene

Hawa ” is the debut film of accredited and popular Bangladeshi director Mejbaur Rahman Sumon, who also happens to be a talented musician of the popular Bangladeshi band Meghdol. It was under development since 2016 and die- hard suckers of the filmmaker were eagerly staying for it to hit the theatres since also. The six- month-long product ultimately began in 2019. still, the blasting was laid over for a long time due to the epidemic.

 Mesmerising illustrations

As soon as we entered the theatre we could literally feel the wind of change that has hit the Bangladeshi film sedulity since this Eid- ul- Adha. The entrance was jam- packed with people staying to enter the theatre or trying to buy any cancelled tickets.

As soon as the film started the full house cult went dead silent and was charmed by the opening sequence where we get to see a regard into each major character. People who are alive of Mejbaur Rahman Sumon’s former work know that he is one of the most visually stylistic directors in the country. But his pairing with” Monpura” celebrated photographer Kamrul Hasan Khasru took “ Hawa ” on a whole different position. Every single shot of the film depicts the beauty and horrors of deep ocean fishing in the Bay of Bengal. From diving into the middle of the ocean to repossessing fishing nets to dark stormy nights on a fishing troller, every scene will take you to the edge of your seats.

The film’s tract was truly well handled by talented Bangladeshi editor Sazal Alok. The colour and VFX of the film also met international morals. Not a single compositing shot or special effect felt out of place which is another rare feat in our original contemporary films. The makeup, product design and costumes were also phenomenal.

really, this is the most visually pleasing and stylistic Bangladeshi film I have seen in my entire continuance.

 Great soundscapes

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Another common complaint we regularly hear about Bangladeshi films is their approach to sound. “ Hawa ” presumably is the first Bangladeshi film that had a fairly decent5.1 compass sound mix. The sound design, done by Anirban Ganguly and Meghdol guitarist Rasheed Sharif Shoaib, has successfully created a proper soundscape which is bound to give you a feeling of life on a deep ocean fishing troller. The dialogues were properly recorded and did not feel out of sync from the actors ’ lips, which is a common issue in utmost mainstream Bangladeshi films. The music was done by Rasheed Sharif Shoaib and Emon Choudhury also complimented ultimate of the scenes in the film. nearly 20- 25 cult members went in front of the screen to dance and the entire theatre started singing when the track “ Shada Shada Kala Kala ” started. What amazed me was that Meghdol’s bottommost track “ E Hawa, ” which was part of the viral creation campaign of the film, was not used in the film.

Still, the team’s dedication to creating this amazing soundscape and audile experience should admit a big round of

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