What You Need To Know About Rss, Why Is Important The RSS Subscription

One of the first thing I asked myself when I started blogging was: What is RSS? How I do to use it on my blog to strengthen my personal brand? That is a thing many newbie bloggers miss, so I throught to putting together an article to explain what is an RSS feed and how use it to save your time.

What is RSS?

For readers, RSS lets know instantly, displaying all of the latest related news of the blog they are subscribed, while for blog give the number of readers subscribing to it.

Before to RSS you had to ‘bookmark’ websites to keep track of updates on a website. However, this method isn’t effective because you need to return to visit them on a regular basis to see what had been added.

How To Install An RSS Feed Into WordPress

There are many different way out there that let installing an RSS feed into your website or blog in a simple and fast way.

FeedBurner is the most used service that does exactly what you need. It allows you offer a wide variety of different RSS feeds from your weblog (or podcast site) with minimal fuss and it lets you keep track of RSS subscriptions as well.

First at all, you need to create an account with Feedburner by adding your site url on the box where you read “Burn a feed right this instant”, then follow the step by step process. Don’t worry is very simple. Once activated you’ll be ready to go! When I went through this process for my new blog, it took about 1 minutes total.

Once you’ve created your feed, click on “publicize” and choose the right button to put on your blog in order to encourage people to subscribe to your feed.

If you are using a WordPress blog as your CMS then adding a RSS plugin to automate the process of importing feeds to your blog is a snap. I reccomend to take a look at ‘The Top 12 RSS Plugins for WordPress‘. The following 12 plugins will help you add information to your feeds, manage your subscribers and view statistics on how you’re performing.

Keep Updates With The Latest News

To be updated with the latest news, you should build your feed subscriber base. To accomplish this, you need to get an RSS reader like Google reader first. Remember that subscribing to many web feed allows you to centralize a large number of websites and monitor them through your feed reader.

Imagine you have 10 blogs related to your niche to visit. Now imagine how much time it takes to visit each blog and check for updates.

I’ve added about 50 blogs and website on my Google reader, which let me know every new and take inspiration for my new post. So in this case RSS has simplified our work.

Turn Your Blog Into An Rss Feed Machine

While first, I mentioned about the benefits of RSS to Blog and why is important the RSS subscription, when it comes to integrates both RSS and blog post, then Autoblogged is the right solution to you.

It is a great help for webmasters who only use WordPress on a certain number of Blogs (5 or more) that have not time to update every time.

In a nutshell, AutoBlogged is a WordPress plugin that creates blog posts from an RSS or Atom feed. This allows blogger to simplify their works because can add unique content to their blogs in a simple and fast way.

With this nice automated software a blogger will be able to create a high content blog that will be able to increase traffic. Also, this software allows blogger to put their blog on auto-pilot and spend their time generating income instead of generating content.

Below an screenshot of the Feed setting:

AutoBlogged comes with the following features:

  • Image and Video Support
  • Custom Post Templates
  • Comprehensive Online Help
  • Advanced Post Filtering
  • Email Support

You have available three AutoBlogged license in total: Single Site, Multi-Site, and Developer.

The Single Site license allows the user to have one website for a price of $59.95. The Multi-Site license allows the user to have up to 50 websites and costs $129.95. The Developer license allows the user to have unlimited websites and it also comes with IM support, high priority feature requests, and sublicensing for $389.00.

All of the licenses provide email support, source code, support forums, and minor version upgrades.

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