Do I Make My Web Site Design Attract Visitors And Clients?

There comes a time in every internet marketers life when the through of customizing their website design make them ask this simple question:

How do I create a web site design that attract more visitors as possible and increase the desire to dig through all the pages?“

If we look at the most successful bloggers and internet marketers out there such as Yaro Starak, Jonathan Volk, Wanda & Paula, and so on, you’ll find a common trait, they have a simple and professional design too.

Many of my readers asked me what I really did to change my site design.

Right now are at least two week I switched from my old theme frugal to the new Catalyst, and my theme customization job is radically accelerated. These are things that concern logo design, advertisement placement, layout, subtitle, change background color, and so on.

Well, these tips and ideas below are meant to kick start your own website design process.

1. Create your business identity

I suggest you to use 2/max 3 primary colors for your design, and just 2-3 colors as secondary.

For my site I used the following colors:

Primary Colors:

#578031 (Part of logo, main bar, ask question box, subscription form, text sidebar)
#000000 (content slide)
#232323 (some banner background)
Secondary Colors:

#c2d2b1 (Main background)
1e2b50 (Part of logo)
f5da05 (some text of banners)
Your website design look doesn’t seem like a cartoon but it must look right and professional. If you use too many colors, your business identity will be lost. Also, try to make your design as simple as possible. It looks good in black and white as well.


2. Build an irresistible brand 

When it comes to build an irresistible brand, you have to take what you learn about yourself, your audience, and your competition, I suggest you answer these simple question first to design it:

What makes you unique?
What is your message?
What are your favorite colors?
Is there a specific design style that you really like? To help you choose a design style I reccomend to take inspiration from Once download the font, just unzip the file and copy it on D>windows>font.

Now, if you open any microsoft program like WordPad, or even program like Gimp, Photoshop, you are able to select the font and create your favorite logo style.

Clear website navigation

Navigation should be clear and consistent. Don’t putting your navigation links in different places. Your visitors could get confuse. Once you have decided on your navigation links, put them in the same location, and in the same sequence. Usually the main nav bar should link to the page you want most highlight.

The main link should contain an navigation bar are:

Home page

Link to your home page.
About me page 

It contains a full description about you and your site. Read here how to build an about me page.

Contact page

Contant your contact information, form, email, and so on.

It contains the terms of use and privacy policy as well.
On my navigation bar I also included other link such as:


Link to the page contains the best resources I’m using on my site.

It contain all rules to write as guster on my blog.

It contains a full list of services I do for my clients.

It contains all topics of my blog.
Top Resources

Full list of best post on my blog based on topic.
4. Simple icons 

Instead of using big, bulky images use simple and small icons that add a little color and draw the attention of a visitor. You can use it in your homepage to highlight the main sections of your site.

5. Gradient background

CSS gives you a lot of flexibility and allows you to create a cool vertically graduated background as well. No matter how long the page is, it doesn’t affect your page load time because you are using graphics that are only a few kilobytes in size.

Through the following code, the background.png file need only be one pixel wide.

This script below assures that the gradient fades into white, but the background color attribute could be any value. With my Catalyst theme, all I have to do is to go on custom css section and place this piece of script inside. That it!

White on Black isn’t good

That is one mistake I’ve noticed too in some blog. White text on black background, light text on white background, black text on black background, is one of the worst combination of colors. It doesn’t help to make your content easy to read and could hurt people eyes.

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