How Kids Can Make Extra Money?

Top 7 Easy Ways For Kids To Make Money

Father and daughter making video camera while preparing vegetable in kitchen.

Child don’t keep a budget or anyway does not have the luck to receiving money every week from their parents. Anyway if they’re smart and imaginative, can make money from something they can create from nothing. Here how


Today’s kids set aside money for purchase last handheld Apple gadget or the new Playstation or Xbox game console. Internet is surely a great blessing for those want to sell stuff, and sites like Ebay or Amazon are the best places to do so.

I thought I’d take a few lines today to give some of the best ways your kids can make some buck. They are all simple and fast ways to make money, but I still feel I have a lot to add in this list, so if you have some idea I do not shared here, feel free to leave a comment below

After A Blog, free and effective: 

This money making method is a simple but effective solution to save dollars for the items you desire. Of course it take time do a blog from scratch for everyone to read, but if you write your post on regular basis, you can earning a few hundred dollars already by the first month since the launch.

If you have passion on a subject in particular and you would like to spread the word, then blogging is a great idea to satisfy your interests and your money box.

Often, kids may need a grown up to set a site up through the most know platform like WordPress or Blogger, but once done, you just need to add a piece of code to generate money, e.g. Adsense. If you would like start a blog but you don’t have much knowledges to do that, I’ll suggest to download my free ebook here.

2. Babysitting

This is another common way to save for the product of your desire! If your kids likes younger kids, then a baby sitter is a popular choice. However, it also comes with many responsibilities and should never be taken lightly. If you’re looking for your younger sibling or a family friends child, be aware of the legal age requirement of staying home alone in your area as this varies.

3. Household Chores

I think household chores is all good and well, although someone consider this job a child labor or slavery. The common way to do household chores is helping parents tidy the house, clean mirrors and windows, washing dishes, and so on.

4. Offer to wash local cars –

Washing your parents car or even next door neighbour’s car is a good methods to turn your efforts into business. A smart approach is to promoting yourself in your local area, with a banner, bucket and sponge on the side of a road.

5. Toy Rentals

You may have games or a whole heap of toys you don’t use anymore but you are willing to share. That is a wise idea and a way for others get to play with items they don’t have. You could rent out some of your toys to other kids at an affordable price per hour or per day.

6. Making Crafts 

If you are creative, and talent to produce pieces worthy of selling, then you can turn your ideas into money and make additional income. You can sell your work to friends, family and promote this through your school or your parent’s work place perhaps.

7. Animal Caretaker

If your child enjoys animals, then try an animal caretaker business. This might involve walking dogs, dog washing, or general grooming. If a neighbor is taking a trip or vacation, then taking care of their pets may be an opportunity.

I hope you found this article helpful and maybe a bit of inspiration to help nudge you youths in the right direction.

Books I Suggest

If you want to deepen this subject I’ll suggest you read these books.

What Color is Your Piggy Bank? by Adelia Cellini Linecker –

This little ebook is ideal for kids from 10-14 who are beginning to show an interest in entrepreneurship.

Linecker covers how to manage money, the world of jobs, setting up shop. I wish to provide a complete review of the book as soon as possible.

You Call the Shots by Cameron Johnson  This is a new book written by a young entrepreneur which should be required reading for any young adult showing an interest in entrepreneurship.

Living Simply with Children by Marie Sherlock –

Sherlock offers tips for how to raise children that aren’t part of the consumerist culture. She encourages strong family ties as a counter to the relentless purchase to acquire “stuff”. There’s some great advice here.


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