Ultimate Guide To Make Money With Google Adsense

Ultimate Guide To Make Money With Google Adsense

A decade late Adsense is still a way to making money online. It’s a fact.

Everyone has to constantly educate themselves to improve their income through Adsense. If you’ve done a good job of pulling readers to your blog but your earns are still low, then there are some action you can take to boost your montly income stream.

at all, I’ll suggest to take a look at the tons of Youtube videos out there.


Google created a series of video tutorials on how to use Google Adsense account. Make sure you check the videos sometimes. In particular, they are specifically focused on explain every aspect of Adsense, such as, creating an Ad unit, custom channels, Adsense performance reports, advanced Adsense reporting, Ad review center, allow and block Ads.


Create Multiple Blog or Site In Different Niches

All my sites host at liquidsix(except the last one I open recently, which host at 1&1 Internet, Inc), and run the Catalyst WordPress Theme which let me use it on an unlimited number of sites, including client sites, so I had to pay once only.


Only one year ago, I come across the idea of start new websites. Basically they are websites or webblog like the3dtechnologies.com but that focusing on narrow profitable niches. So, all I have to do is try to rank for solely one keyword in a search engine.


All of my sites rely on SEO to get traffic, but often blogger or webmaster rely on PPC campaign.


In a nutshell, what you have to do is follow these simple step:


Picking a topic(.g. natural supplement, weight loss, and so on)

Researching the competition

Building the site(WordPress + theme)

Optimizing the site

On your site you are monetizing throught Adsense but id doesn’t means you can’t make money through other methods as well such as affiliate marketing. You link to the product link to the actual product through an affiliate link and once someone buys the product you start to earn money. That’s the whole theory behind mini sites.


Basic Approach

Creating a mini site can be broken down into several steps. Here is the basic approach:


Picking a product

Researching the competition

Building the mini site

Generating Traffic

Optimizing the Site

I’m going to create other sites that covering other profitable niches. So I will see how it works out in the end. Even if it doesn’t work out too well remember that you always have learned something from your mistakes and definitely will not repeat in your next project.


Want more?

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Of course, Adsense have its pros and cons. You need to understand your web site business, website traffc and when you should not be using Adsense. All these factor can make a big difference in your business income.


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