Tips And Tricks To Get More Twitter Followers

How to get more Twitter Followers?

Twitter Guide: Tips And Tricks To Get More Twitter Follower.
When I got 10000+ followers, 60% of my site traffic came from Twitter which as result made me earn over $300 per month in affiliate programs. No kidding 🙂 only because I regularly Tweet my blog post. Not bad, right?

I never made any effort to tweet my post because every time I launch a new article, the plugin “Twitter tool“ will automatically create a new Tweet for me. Simple but effective.

What I particularly like about Twitter is that allows me to pulling my readers on my blog and make money quickly. It is by far one of the best way to get visibility and money.

Despite a lot of people has downloaded my FREE ebook about making money online blogging and driving traffic to the blog, I still not mentioned within it how you can benefit from Twitter like myself, so before to update it, I decided to give on my blog a few tips and trick to add to your Twitter experience.

No matter what your business is about, you can find potential customers related to your niche.

I want to let you an example. Recently, I received an email from my reader which asked me how he could promote his stuff. So, I tried to create a quickly Twitter account and started adding some followers. Well, I was surprised when he made sales after only three days he being on Twitter.

Tips & Tricks on Twitter followers

The rule to increase traffic with Twitter is to increase the number of followers. Of course isn’t new. However, while first you had need to do everything manually which make you spend a lot of your time, now you can follow people, unfollow, and so much more automatically and without any effort.

By using these simple applications you save a lot of your time, because do everything for you which is the true secret to driving a lot of traffic from Twitter on any blog.

How I Really Drive Traffic To My Blog Via Twitter
First at all, you have to increase you Twitter followers. The most followers you get the most likelihood you have to accomplish your goals such as sell product or services, increasing subscription, as traffic to your blog as well.

Of course, getting 10000 or more followers it take you a lot of time. So, there are a few tool that will allow you to automatically do the entire job, such as adding people, deleting, Tweeting and much more.

I personally use a great software, called Tweet Adder, it allow me to add more people, and make the things quickly, however you can do the same job manually as well 🙂

That’s my method to add people.

Of course it couldn’t be right for many people, but I wanted to say how I do it.

The first thing you need to do is find some big twitters on your niche. E.g. usually I go into pro blogger, copy blogger, and others Twitter profiles, then I follow people that follow this big name, because most probably be interested in following myself.

In summary, pick the Twitter profile you are interest in, then click on followers, now in the top left will be a button saying “Follow….(name of followers)”(look image below). It will automatically start adding one of his followers every 2 seconds till its added 1000.

Note Remember that Twitter have a limit, so after 1000 people it will stop adding.

It’s Time To Take Action
I’ll suggest to add people every day, at the same hours, usually 4 – 6pm of UK time, because usually is the most active time on Twitter. If you want to find out what the exact time is right now at any of 7 million locations around the world, I reccomend to check In this way you’re more likely to get people follow you back once you’ve added them.

Usually, by adding 1000 people, I will get around 200 view my profile and click my website URL which means I get 400 highly targeted visitors in 24 hours.

Of course, these are just the first visitor I get, they will also revisit when I tweet and other people will visit my site when my followers retweet my tweets to their followers. As I said before, I use Tweet Adder to velocize the process, so if you can’t get it, be patience.

Cutting People On Twitter Be Crucial
The downside to adding 1000 people per day is that you will have more following every day, than followers, so this is isn’t good because you will be more likely to follow you. None follow someone who is following 600 people and only has 100 people following him back.

In this case, the one thing you can do is to cut down the amount of people you follow on Twitter.

There are different methods I use to delete who doesn’t follow-me back. Site like will allow you to automatically unfollow those people that follow you back once you’ve added them. Another useful tool is untwollow which will allow you to unfollow up to 2000 people at a time.

I hope you found this article helpful and maybe a bit of inspiration for get more Twitter Followers.

This post Written by: Nicola Deiana


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