How to Build A Successful Blog?

Day 1 – Choosing The Domain Name For Your Blog

Today, I would launch The 31 days for build a successful blog. In a nutshell, it’s a month-long series of post here at the3dtechnologies designed to walk you through 31 step that you can use to start a successful blog from scratch.

Day 2 – Creating Your Blog By Using WordPress As CMS


Today is Day 2 in the the 31 days for build a successful blog and today your task is to choose and install your first CMS platform. Used primarily by bloggers, WordPress is become in these years one of the most popular CMS software available out there –

Day 3 – How To Choose Web Site Templates

As Affiliate marketers, I have tried several of free website templates a while back, but recently I have decided to buy a premium WordPress theme that support more widget and allows me to simplify time and works.

Day 4 – Increasing Interlink To Your Old Blog Posts

Today’s task in “The 31 Days For Build A Successful Blog” project is to know the importance to create some interlinking in your posts.

As you write every day, and add more post to your blog, there will be a lot of possibility to create interlinks between your articles, as well. So, you can increase the number of page views toyour blog.

Day 5 – My 25 Favorite Blogging Resources

I would to share a list of software and services I use on my blogs, to add to your bad of tricks and that you can always use for improve your business online.

Please note that some of the links below are affiliate links. However, these are all things that I use and that I want to reccomend you because they are useful and are companies that I trust, not because of the commissions that I may earn from you using these products.

Day 6 – 7 Ways To Get Indexed Within 24 Hours

clickbank guide

As many of my readers know, I’ve several websites where I’m working. Today, the goal of the 6° part of “The 31 days for build a successful blog” mini guide explain how I made to put these websites in search engine within 24 hours.

Sure, you could add into your site, meta tag, meta keywords, meta description, robots.txt, but there are other strategy you can adopt. Of course, these advices I will show you aren’t rocket scienze but they does work.

Day 7 – Ad Management Platforms: Guide To The Best Self-Serve Advertising Services


lifestyle change

If on one hand, Self-Serve Advertising Services let customers to evaluate, buy and publish ads on web pages without their intervention, on the other hand publisher have an ad automation system that allows anyone that wants advertise their business, website, to do it without any effort, but quickly.

In this full guide I will show you how does to start with Self-Serve Advertising Services and choose the best one for your needs.

Day 8 – How To Speed Up Your Website Load Time

If you have recently read other blogs, forum, etc, you’ve probably noticed that many readers seem to be worried by their web pages load time. In a nutshell, the common question is: Response time of website is very important? If yes, how can you make your website faster?

Matt Cutts already have said that speed site or blog will soon have more relevance on how your web page rank on Google search results.

Day 9 – 10 Inspiring Blogs Helped Me To Blogging, Make Money, And Do What I Love…

Today is Day 9 in the the 31 days for build a successful blog. In my 4 years like blogger there have been some blogs that regularly influenced my life and my business.

I followed over 100+ blogs in particular, through my rss reader as many that I followed via Twitter and Facebook as well. However, it take me a lot of time to keep up with many of them.

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