Grand Army fans outraged as Netflix cancels teen drama ‘I desire crying’

GRAND ARMY fans are left devastated after Netflix announced they were cancelling the teenager drama series after only one season.

Pic: Netflix

Viewers of Netflix’s Grand Army have continually praised the show for its diverse cast and discussions on racism, rape culture, and sex, therefore the news it’s been cancelled has hit fans hard. Unfortunately for fans, Netflix features a habit of dropping series after a quick dip in viewership after the initial premiere.

Fans are left distraught they will not be getting a second season of Grand Army, the series created by Katie Cappiello.

The show followed the lives of 5 students at the general public highs chool , Grand Army, in Brooklyn, New York. The series was praised for its diversity because the cast led by Odessa A’zion included a spread of various races and sexual orientations.

The series was unafraid to openly discuss difficult topics so it’s no wonder fans of Grand Army are so upset the series won’t be returning.
Many viewers have taken to Twitter since the news broke so as to precise their sadness.

One user wrote: “I desire crying cause grand army got canceled. This show was amazing and it had a various cast. this isn’t fair

#GrandArmy #renewgrandarmy.”

Another said: “Netflix really cancelled grand army but the monster that’s riverdale gets to measure another day… sick #GrandArmy.”

“Y’all cancel the one show that had accurate poc diversity, talked about sexual abuse , and coming out? they don’t wanna see us happy

#GrandArmy #Netflix,” a 3rd commented.
The outpouring of grief for the series’ end continued, with somebody else writing: “I can’t believe @netflix canceled this show. On God i will be able to never forgive y’all for this.

“Out of all teen shows I could actually connect and relate to the present one. it had been authentic…it was REAL. #GrandArmy #Netflix.”

“I desire Netflix cancels all of their good shows because they need us to suffer. That’s the sole plausible explanation at now . #GrandArmy,” another user said.

Another added: “The incontrovertible fact that #grandarmy is canceled makes absolutely no sense it’s so irritating.”
Actor Maliq Johnson, who plays Jayson Jackson, has previously praised the series for that specialize in people of colour.

He told Entertainment Tonight he felt very “underrepresented” in Hollywood, which is what drew him to Grand Army.

Siddhartha Pakam actor Amir Nageria shared Johnson’s feelings about the series, saying: “I don’t think any folks expected to be a neighborhood of something like this once we were so young.”

In discussing why he was drawn to the project also , Nageria remarked: “The script was really authentic during a way that’s really rare.”
The cast were previously asked a few season two renewal last year and were unable to offer a definitive answer at the time.

A’zion joked she was “ready to be paid again” and therefore the cast members all expressed their hope Grand Army would get a season two.

While the series has been cancelled, it hasn’t stopped viewers from speculating if a return would be possible within the future.

The hashtag #RenewGrandArmy has quickly been circulated across social media platforms, with hopes that another network or streaming service will devour the favored show.

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